The Process

Getting A Novated Lease

There are different ways to obtain the benefits as novated leasing applies to:


1) New Cars
2) Used Cars (from a dealer or a private sale)
3) Your Existing Car


Each of the above circumstances has different requirements, nevertheless we can help you with each.


The general process is as follows:


1) Decide on the car – online research & test drive
2) Get a quote – on the costs & savings
3) Apply for finance – online. Quick and simple. (Not a commitment. Confirms you can proceed when you want to)
4) Order – when you are ready
5) Sign finance documents (& confirm Insurance)
6) Car is delivered – start benefiting


Hint: To avoid being pressured to sign up when you visit the dealership, mention that you are getting the vehicle via work. Our involvement means you can just focus on making the right decision.

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