The Challenge and Reward

The easiest, yet also hardest idea for everyone to accept is that we all need help. Success throughout our lives has been dependent upon not only how much effort we are prepared to make but also how much help we are willing to receive. Nothing of significance is achieved without help.


We all need help because there is always more to learn and there are always others with greater knowledge and skill that can assist us to achieve more than we can on our own, individually and organisationally.


Attempting to do everything yourself may reflect independence, but only when you involve others (interdependence) will you achieve your full potential.


That is why you need Innovated Leasing to help you to focus on your core objectives, your main purpose. You’ll accomplish more with us.



Too often, people are kept from being benefitted from what is available to them by unnecessarily complicating information and processes. We seek to simplify the explanations and processes to assist our clients achieve the full benefits that novated leasing was designed to provide

Making Clients Lives Easier

We seek to know the situation and needs of our clients so we can offer a solution best suited to them. We know the decision points that people encounter and we can help our clients focus on what should be focused on and when.


Our long-term experience means that there are few situations that we haven’t encountered before and we are confident that we would be able to easily manage/resolve whatever occurs. Having said that, very little ever arises out of the ordinary.


Success Is A Mindset

What commonly prevents us from getting ahead? One word – Fear. Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of the unknown.


Fear is usually viewed negatively but fear is a natural response, designed to prevent us from making poor decisions – and that is a good thing. For too many however, it becomes the overwhelming hurdle, which is not the right response if you want to succeed. Safety and security vs potential failure and ridicule.


So, how do some overcome fear? First of all, understanding what our fear is based on. Is it knowledge or skills? Secondly, are you willing to allow others who have overcome the fear to help you?


When you see others that have succeeded, know that in every case, each has needed to reply upon another who was more experienced and knew more.


Those that have succeeded in what is still a hurdle for you, know they were once in the same position you are. They needed to rely upon others who had walked the same pathway before and learned from them. We have more than 20 years of experience and have helped thousands get more than they could on their own. Let us also help you.

We have been helping customers save since 1999

We can help you too.