There are are several ways to buy a car, the most common being – car finance/loan, home loan re-draw and even cash (savings). Each is designed to make buying a car easy and it’s comforting to do what everyone else does. With a lot of other people doing it, how can you be wrong?

A question you may not have consider is, “Does this particular way of buying a car actually benefit me?

Each of the other methods (car loan/home-loan re-draw, cash) are designed to be convenient. There is however another way, in fact it is the only way actually designed to benefit you. It’s called a ‘Novated Lease’.

In short, a novated lease was designed by the government to assist people to pay for, what is for many, the second highest expense in their lives, after their housing expense. (Yes, it’s true)

How does it work?

  • Your pre-tax salary is deducted for a good portion (if not all) of your car costs.
    Tax is then calculated on the lower remaining amount resulting in less tax being deducted. The tax that would have gone to the government is now kept by you. So, by simply changing how you pay for your car costs, you can literally save thousands every year!
  • GST Saving (on the running costs)
    Most people don’t pay for the GST portion of the pre-tax car expenses like fuel, servicing or even finance payments.
  • GST Saving (on the Purchase Price)
    In addition to the bigger fleet discount, you don’t pay for the GST portion of the purchase price from dealer bought cars.
  • Fleet Discounts
    Usually larger than retail discounts on the purchase price, without any bargaining required. We are buying cars every day and we negotiate the price for you. A great way to leverage your buying power.

So, if like most, convenience is the main focus in buying a car, you will find that one of the unintended consequences is foregoing thousands of dollars in savings. Now you know there is a better way to buy a car.

What We Do – Our Mission

We help people like you get into the car you want for a lot less. Additionally, we help you pay a lot less for everyday expenses like fuel, servicing, tyres and insurance. We do all this so you can have more money to spend on other things.

We can even help those that want to keep their existing car to get the same benefits.

Why Innovated Leasing Exists

For Employees Innovated Leasing’s primary purpose is to assist others to improve their lives by helping individuals to reduce the costs (& stress) of paying for and managing their cars, what for many is, the second largest expense in their lives. Many save thousands $$ every year of their working lives. You can too.

For Employers Innovated Leasing assists employers to develop ‘Employer of Choice’ environments where organisational objectives are more likely to be met by recognising employees as their most important asset. The resulting unified and synergised relationships enable the businesses to successfully navigate existing and future challenges as well as opportunities.

We have been helping customers save since 1999

We can help you too.