1. More Income

Paying less tax each pay day means more money to spend on other things.

2. No Stress Buying

Now you can get a great discount without the usual stressful negotiation and then still not being sure you ended up with a good price. We obtain fleet size discounts for you.

3. Reduces Costs ( +GST Free)

Novated Leasing means you no longer pay the GST on the purchase price nor on the pre-tax vehicle expenses. We even help reduce the servicing costs.

4. No Money Management

All of the payments are taken care of (finance, registration, servicing, insurance, fuel, tyres, etc.).

5. No Bill Shock

There is never a good time to get a big bill. We manage your vehicle expenses so when it comes to needing a service or tyres, instead of worrying if you’ll have enough to pay, the only decision you need to make is deciding the most convenient time to do what needs to be done.

6. No Hassle Disposal

When the time comes to replace/sell your car, we help you to get the best price.

1.Increase employee’s salary at no cost

To the employer new and existing employees.

2. Reduced Employer Costs

Lower workers compensation and payroll tax liabilities.

3. Reduced Administration

Only need to manage tool of trade vehicles.

4. Greater Benefit Offering

More rewarded and motivated employees encourage loyalty.

5. Reduced Employee Turnover

Greater benefits and rewards lead to greater job satisfaction.

6. Attract Top Talent

Increased competitiveness from enhanced benefit offering.

7. Market Resilience

Valued and motivated employees increase a business’s ability to successfully navigate existing and future challenges as well as opportunities.

Is Novated Leasing Available to Everyone?

Yes – the government intended novated leasing to be available to all employers and employees, however some employers have yet to get involved. The reasons for not being involved vary and include:

1) Lack of Awareness
2) Presumption that it is complicated
3) Poor Experience with a different novated leased provider
4) Previous experience from many years ago when minimum km’s used to be required.

If you are uncertain about whether your employer offers novated leasing, get in touch and we’ll contact your employer (without using your name).

If your employer doesn’t currently participate, let us approach them as we are better placed to answer any questions and/or resolve any concerns they may have.

How Do I Access the Benefits?

The easiest way is to get in contact with us. We’ll ask a few questions to understand your circumstance and requirements to help you get underway.

We’ll answer any questions and importantly, bring things to your attention that you may not have thought of to ensure you can gain the full benefits that novated leasing has to offer.

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