No. In fact, due to the savings, a novated lease can put you in a car that would otherwise not be affordable. Go online and do a quote and see for yourself.
Drivers Licence fees, Tolls, Parking and infringements
Yes. Someone just like you, who only uses the vehicle for personal (non-business) reasons is exactly who novated leasing was designed for
Yes, you can. It’s a lot like a home loan, the home is yours to use as you like and then becomes completely yours when you make the final payment. A car lease is much the same
No. Just use your car as you normally would
For most cars, up to 10 years from new and no less than $5,000 in value. The longest lease period is 5 years however at the end of the 1st 5-year lease, you can lease the same car for another 5 years
Yes. The requirements are straightforward and depend upon whether the vehicle being purchased is from a dealer or a private purchase. We’ll help you know what needs to be done.
Absolutely. There are couple of additional checks to confirm the ownership and condition – to protect you. An Innovated Leasing consultant will help you know what needs to be done
Yes, provided your car is no more than 10 years old at lease end. Now, instead of you experiencing the full cost of depreciation and fully paying for your car expenses yourself, you can share those costs with the government. Speak to an Innovated Leasing consultant to find out more.
Yes. The finance type needs to be changed to a ‘lease’ and then a good portion (if not all) of your repayments and running costs can be paid pre-tax. This can still happen even if the amount owed exceeds the value. Speak to an Innovated Leasing consultant to find out more
Formal approval takes up to 24 hours, often on the same day (dependent upon when the application is received).
Yes. You’ll need to provide us with your policy details so we can include it with your vehicle budget
Not as a pre-tax expense. You can still pay for them yourself but you can’t be reimbursed for the cost.
Prior to your lease ending, we’ll contact you to discuss the options with you. The options are: (1) Replace (or upgrade) your car (2) Keep the car - Finance the residual for another 1-5 years (some conditions apply) (3) Keep the car (after making the final payment) (4) Sell the car (after making the final payment)
There are 3 options. (1) Transfer the lease to your new employer (the most common option). (2) Continue paying the finance and running costs yourself (3) Payout the amount owed
That is dependent upon your employer’s policy.
• The savings on your vehicle expenses go beyond not paying for the GST and then paying pre-tax. Innovated Leasing’s Cost Containment System (CCS) means we liaise directly with the service provider on your behalf prior to the work being carried out to assist in the prevention of unnecessary work occurring. • Save up to 30% on your servicing and repair costs with most suppliers with our cost containment system for a low annual pre-tax fee apportioned to a monthly payment directly from your maintenance budget. • You are free to service your vehicle with whomever you choose, provided it is a licenced repairer. • We take care of paying for the bill. Drive in, then drive away when it’s done. • Some repairers, usually smaller ones, prefer to charge drivers directly and get paid straight away. If that happens, you’ll need to pay for the service and submit a reimbursement.


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