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Novated Leasing

A Novated Lease is simply the way in which every employee can pay for their own vehicle (finance and running expenses) in a way that costs them less.

The resultant benefit of increased net-salary can be extended to all employeesno minimum income is required!

The vehicle can be newused or even their existing vehicle (provided it is not too old).

inNovated Leasing adds value to organisations by enabling employers to enhance employee benefits and satisfaction without an administrative load.

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What Are The Benefits?

Novated Leasing has many benefits for both Employees and Employers.

Employees can choose the vehicle (& options) they want. Paying for the vehicle under a novated arrangement means they can also expect to see an increase in their “take home” salary.

Employers can deliver greater employee satisfaction/goodwill, while reducing payroll tax liabilities and the administrative load of managing company vehicles. Importantly, this is achieved at no additional cost to the Employer!

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What Do I Do Next?

You can learn more about Novated Leasing by exploring this website.

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